Can I really have a FIVE FIGURE craft show season?

Yes, it is possible with the right planning and preparation!  As an entrepreneur who makes and sells wreaths and floral designs, I have discovered that craft shows are a wonderful way to share my handmade products, meet awesome people, and build a loyal customer following. It is also possible to be profitable. I look forward to planning each craft show season with excitement and want to help you discover the joys of selling at craft shows.

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where you will learn my top 7 strategies
for a successful and profitable craft show season!

✨Do you need a way to sell your handmade goods?
✨Would it be amazing to sell your handmade products for a profit?
✨Is your home overflowing with all of your beautiful creations?

If so, you may be ready to try doing a craft show or two in the near future!   

Learn how to plan and prepare
for a successful craft show season
during this Craft Show Masterclass! 

I did my first craft show in 2012 and have learned so much over the years.  The best way to learn is by doing and learning from others.  By starting at a small, local event, I was able to figure out my booth layout and how to interact with customers. Now I am able to do large multi-day shows with tens of thousands of participants! I’ve also been able to use the income generated from each craft show season to 1) purchase materials and cover the expenses for the shows, 2) purchase a new craft show trailer, and 3) and pay off debt!

In this Masterclass, I will cover all the strategies I use when planning each craft show season. 
It’s not too late to have a successful 2023 season!  

Learn my TOP 7 strategies for a successful & profitable craft show season!

  • Inventory Control
  • Booth Logistics
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Customer Engagement
  • Processing Logistics
  • Post Show Analytics

Each session will be a deep dive into these topics designed to set you up for
a successful and profitable show season!

Need a SNEAK PEEK of the goodness inside this class?

You Will Learn ALL My Tried & True Techniques
One of those being… make your space as inviting as possible with plenty of room to accommodate the flow of traffic.

Example of Wreaths on Display
Offering a variety of price ranges and styles
attracts more customers and converts to sales.

But Wait! Did you say BONUS?
Why, YES! There is bonus content

I am sharing several of my tools to help keep you organized!

🛠️ Craft Show Prep Check List
🛠️ Craft Show Timeline
🛠️ Custom Order Sheet

Graduates are RAVING about this Masterclass!

I loved everything about this class. The Masterclass was very informative. You showed me everything I need to get started and how to find craft shows in my area. Explaining to us the different variations to set up was amazing as well. I’m sure after I do my first craft show I will have plenty more questions, but for now I will have to use my notes.

T. M.

Really enjoyed the class. There was so much valuable information I don’t know where to start! Your information on booth setup, how to transport your inventory as well as how much to bring to the show was very helpful. I have not done a show yet as I am just getting started. I feel more confident. I appreciate your time in teaching this as my biggest fear is other crafters not being very welcoming. So far in my journey I have met nothing but fantastic people. Keep on teaching!
C. H.

The class was well worth the money and then some. The information was so detailed I feel very confident about working a craft show. I would definitely use your strategies and all the detailed information to get through the day. You’re also a great speaker which made it enjoyable to watch.
M. S.

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