Craft Show Masterclass

Are you an experienced crafter looking to take your craft business to new heights? Do you find yourself facing challenges such as stagnant sales, fierce competition, or limited growth opportunities?


Our Craft Show Masterclass is specifically tailored for YOU!

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Learn how to plan and prepare for a successful craft show season during this Craft Show Masterclass!


Our Craft Show Masterclass is specifically tailored to address these frustrations and help you overcome obstacles standing in the way of your success. With advanced strategies and insider tips from industry experts, this masterclass will empower you to elevate your craft business to the next level, increase your sales, and build a strong brand presence in the market.

I’ve been able to use the profit generated from each craft show season to:

  • Purchase materials and cover the expenses for shows
  • Purchase two new craft show trailers and crafting she-shed
  • Pay off debt!

Now I'm sharing my proven processes and techniques for planning each craft show season to help reduce your fear and gain confidence to begin your craft show journey.


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