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Craft Show Planner: Your Secret Weapons for Stress-Free Success!

Hey there, fellow craft show enthusiasts! We all know that being a craft show vendor can sometimes feel like riding a roller coaster of stress and excitement. But fear not! In this blog post, we’re going to unveil some super cool strategies to help you stay organized, keep your sanity intact, and rock your craft show experience.

Get ready to embrace the power of planning ahead, the magic of checklists, and the financial wizardry that comes with a Crafty Craft Show Planner. Let’s dive in and turn that craft show chaos into pure fun!

The Power of Planning Ahead

Picture this: You’re chilling with your craft supplies, sipping a cup of coffee, and feeling oh-so-organized. How did you get there? By planning ahead like a pro! Take a moment to mark those craft show dates on your calendar, then break down the tasks into manageable chunks. Give yourself plenty of time for inventory prep, booth setup, and creating killer marketing strategies. Planning ahead means no more sweaty last-minute scrambles – just smooth sailing towards craft show greatness!

Determining Your Inventory

Nothing’s worse than running out of your bestselling goodies mid-craft show frenzy, right? That’s why it’s time to take stock of your inventory and kick those worries to the curb. Grab a pen and paper (or your favorite crafty spreadsheet) and make a list of the awesome items you plan to display and sell. Check them off as you go and make sure you’re fully stocked to wow your customers. Remember, you’ve got this!

Creating a Checklist and Mastering Finances

Imagine strutting into your craft show booth like a boss, knowing you’ve got everything you need. How? With the ultimate checklist and a financial plan that keeps your budget in check. Jot down all the essentials, from dazzling display materials to that secret stash of snacks for those craft show hunger pangs. And speaking of money matters, keeping tabs on your expenses is key. Estimate your costs, track your spending, and feel confident in your craft show cash flow. Cha-ching!

The Crafty Craft Show Planner

Your Sidekick for Organizational Awesomeness! Ready to take your craft show game to superhero levels of organization? Say hello to your new best friend, the Crafty Craft Show Planner! It’s like a trusty sidekick that has your back throughout the craft show adventure.

Are you curious to see what it is? Go on, take a look inside!

Supercharge Your Planning Powers

Set dates, track deadlines, and make sure no task escapes your crafty radar. Stay on top of your game, and watch that stress melt away!

Master Your Inventory Game

Keep a detailed record of your creative masterpieces, including descriptions, quantities, and prices. With this planner, you’ll never lose track of what’s in your crafty arsenal.

Conquer With Checklists

Customize your own checklists to make sure you never forget a single thing. Packing your booth essentials, promotional materials, and those lucky charm earrings – check, check, and check!

Budget Like A Boss

The Crafty Craft Show Planner helps you slay your financial goals. Set budgets, track expenses, and make those dollars work their magic for you.


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Craft shows don’t have to be a wild roller coaster of stress.

By embracing the power of organization, utilizing checklists, and wielding the mighty Crafty Craft Show Planner, you can transform the chaos into an exhilarating adventure filled with creativity and success. So, put on your superhero cape, pack your crafty essentials, and get ready to conquer that craft show with confidence and a whole lot of fun.

You’ve got this, craft show superstar!

Let the crafting magic begin!

Take your skills to the next level!

Learn my TOP 7 strategies for a successful & profitable craft show season!


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  1. Carrie Evans

    Hi Karen! I enjoyed your 1st masterclass, and was curious if the second will have similar content? Thanks for doing this for us!

    • K Gresham

      Hi Carrie, The upcoming masterclass will cover the same content. For ongoing support, be sure you joined the Facebook group exclusively for alumni of the Craft Show Masterclass!


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