Evaluating Your Craft Show

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Evaluating Your Craft Show Experience: A Guide to Post-Show Analysis

Participating in a craft show is not just about showcasing your crafts; it’s also an opportunity for growth and improvement. After the event concludes, conducting a thorough post-show analysis is crucial for refining your craft show strategy. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essential steps of evaluating your craft show experience, highlighting the significance of each factor, and determining whether the event was successful or if adjustments are needed for the future.

6 Factors to Consider in Your Post-Show Analysis


Sales Performance

Reviewing your sales data is essential to understand the financial success of the event. This analysis includes evaluating revenue, profit margins, and the overall return on investment (ROI).


Customer Engagement

Take note of how many visitors engaged with your booth and interacted with your crafts. This engagement can indicate the effectiveness of your presentation and interactions.


Feedback and Comments

Reflect on the feedback you received from visitors. Positive comments and constructive suggestions can provide insights into what worked well and areas for improvement.


New Contacts

Count the number of new contacts you made, such as email sign-ups and social media follows. These contacts contribute to expanding your network and potential customer base.


Return Customers

Assess whether previous customers returned to your booth. Repeat customers are a positive indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction with your crafts.


Competition and Traffic

Consider the level of competition at the event and the overall foot traffic. These factors can influence the visibility of your booth and the sales potential.

Why should you analyze these craft show factors?

Defining a Successful Craft Show

While sales are a significant measure of success, a truly successful craft show encompasses more than just financial gains. Successful indicators also include positive customer engagement, growth in your network, and the opportunity to learn from the experience.

When should you reconsider a craft show?

Certain indicators might suggest that reconsidering the same craft show in the future is a prudent choice. These indicators include consistently low sales, minimal customer engagement, and negative feedback that indicates a mismatch between your products and the event’s audience.

Post-show analysis is an essential part of your craft show journey. By evaluating various factors such as sales, engagement, feedback, and competition, you gain insights that shape your future strategy. Whether you consider the event a success or identify areas for improvement, each analysis contributes to your growth as a craft show vendor. Remember that your journey is a continuous learning process, and every experience that enhances your craft shows success. Stay diligent, adaptable, and committed to refining your craft show participation for future triumphs.


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  1. Mitzi N Mills

    Hi Karen
    Damon just sent me this link and I am thankful.
    I learned many tips and tricks and have more to learn.I have followed you for 5 years and love your videos and your show displays.
    Thank you 😊

    • K Gresham

      Thanks for being a loyal follower, Mitzi! I am so glad you are finding tips and tricks that are useful in your craft journey. -Karen


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